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Designers at Dove have extensive knowledge of interior finishes, fixtures and appliances, and also about your unique needs and wants.

Why hire a design professional ?

Why hire a design professional ? Quite often a client will know how they want their space to look, but the details are unclear. They have a feel they want to accomplish for a space, but they don’t know how that translates to the finishes like flooring, cabinets, countertops and paint. Homeowners trust designers to take their dream and make it a reality. It’s not our job to tell them exactly what they want or how their home should look. It’s our job to guide them through a design process that, in the end,creates the environment they want in their home.

Designers also have extensive knowledge of interior finishes, fixtures and appliances, and how your unique needs and wants may make one choice better than another. The same holds true when comes to the exterior motif of a home. For example, on the front porch of a Victorian home, turned columns with a spindle valance would be more period correct than square posts with knee braces. Up to date knowledge of color and style trends is just one more reason to choose a designer.

Let’s face it often times a contractor can be so focused on the construction of a project, that they just don’t have the time and expertise to focus on the design effectively. This is not a bad thing however. It means they care about implementing the plan that you and a designer have developed. At Dovetail, we go one step beyond just developing a great plan. We offer project management services for the duration of the construction as well. We are with you from concept to completion, giving you a single advisor and liaison for any questions or concerns you have, as we make your dream a reality.